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The stars of the celestial by AngelCnderDream14

Starting tonight, I will be soon closing my commissions! That way I will be able to work on my artworks for my DA page and my profile. That way I can activate my core! =3
( Which is a membership thing, those who don't know what I mean by core. )

Now I know I said mine is always open, but some times those times you have to close it. So I am willing 3 more slots those who are interested to commission with me!

Also I changed my 10pts to 20 points for 1 commission! I felt like I deserve more. The rules etc have not changed yet, although I plan to update it to make it more simple... ( I saw my friend's information about her commissions, and I was like.... dammit her is simple mine isn't! She said I can copy it, so I will but change it to my thing. =3  I don't want people to get lost in mine though... you know? )
More info here; Art and commissions policy information Complete2!
Anyways comment if you want a commission!

Slots open;





COMMISSION! Puffin flight catching fish by AngelCnderDream14 Our forever dream of secretes by AngelCnderDream14 COMMISSION Step X Saugee Ocean of fun by AngelCnderDream14 Dreaming of you 2017 by AngelCnderDream14

The forest is a live Art Trade With Steph by AngelCnderDream14 Nilefer and Cynthieya refences by AngelCnderDream14 Shyangel Free Commission by AngelCnderDream14

Now those who are wondering, but you still haven't posted commissions... you only posted one this week, besides the other two. Yes that is indeed true, I have other things I am working on, such as my two comics. ( page 2 is almost done you guys! . The other still drawing, my god I messed up on one of my characters! Gah! ) I am going to work hard to try to finish these two commission by tonight. So stay tuned!

One final thing I would like to say is, about my Dream Rayverns. I will be starting on the guides etc by Sunday instead. That way I can finish things up tonight and Saturday. Sorry being slow, its just so much that needs to get done. That is all, thank you for your time and reading this. ^ ^ Feel free to comment any questions!
It saids it all!
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July 14, 2017
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