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 -------------------------------------♥   Commissions OPEN!   ♥ -------------------------

Hey guys, I decided to again, make a new start with my commissions policy, as I want to keep it simple.
( I know I said, I won't, but lets face it, my previous one wasn't simple at all.... plus I want to make a new one with better with simple layout about my commissions. )
Before I begin, I take my time with the request, once you requested I start right away. However I am slow, so I like to make sure it turned out good, or I am having a issue starting up an idea, draw wise. But I manage.
Lets start off what I will draw, and not.
What I will draw:

Cats, dogs, griffins, horses, alicorns, pegasus, dragons, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs, Anthropoids, cartoon only and a little gore. OC, OF, Fursona.
And perhaps more, suggest it to me, and I will inform you.

What I will not draw:
No fan art, sonic ocs I'm not really that good ( however it depends on the sonic oc, I might allow. No promises! ), porn, extreme gore, detailed robots, nude, humans, inflated, violence, realistic.

Now lets get towards pricing, I will accept. Catch them points And also cash with PayPal. MONEH I only accept USA.
As before, my points where cheaper than my prices for PayPal, so I decided to have it the same amount.

I want to be paid right after I show you the preview, that way I know I did some thing right before I finished it. This gives you a chance to let me know, that you want me to change some thing.

Now I am allowing discounts now, depending on how you want the art, model, animation. I will explain as I go.

2 Commissions for sale! Price 50pts. :points: Cash 0.50 USA

You obviously get 2 commissions, however for just 20 points. You are welcome to get one.

Zohraa and Zreepy by AngelCnderDream14 The forest is a live Art Trade With Steph by AngelCnderDream14

The prices remain the same, rather it is with another character, or not. However with a background, it cost a bit extra which be 5pts. Shading is optional but does not cost anything.

Get more than 1 commission! Special deal! Price 120pts.  :points: Cash 1.20 USA

In this deal, you will get 5 commissions of you're choose! You may choose how many slots you want, out of 5 or simply choose all 5 slots.
This still follows the same rule, however you do get more than just 2 commissions with a good price.

Ak'ta wingforce by AngelCnderDream14

Unlimited art roll! Prize!

Price 120pts.  :points: Cash 3.20 USA
Edit: This haves been changed.
If you pay in this, you will get 3-4 commissions! =3 Those who pick this, I will pick 2 lucky winners to have a week unlimited artwork from me, you may also be happy to get models or animations. Whatever your request is.
( Those who did/not win will get a speed paint of me working on your commission request. =3 )

The rules still don't change, as it is the same. Only you get more + get a chance to have unlimited art. Background is the same.
Shading is optional but does not cost anything.

Important to note with models and animations

Regardless of it being the same with what I mention here, animations and models have some thing different. The prices are still the same, however it does take longer to make and since I am still trying to improve from being a beginner, their is things that I will not do with models and animations.

For models, I might paint it, however it mostly won't be painted and animated. However if you want me to try to animate, paint it. I will do so, but I won't guaranteed.
Animations wise, I will be focusing mostly on sketch version than draw/color as I try to improve. ( I might draw it, but that is about it. )
Over time, I might go back to that sketch, draw and color as you requested last. I always reflect on an unfinished work that I did, that I want to some day finished. But at this time, who knows what I will/won't continue.


Icons, sketch, line art haves discounts! Which is 20pts!:points:

Cnder jump Dream Rayvern by AngelCnderDream14

Cynder logo for my forums Update by AngelCnderDream14

Kawcaw walk in the forest Sketched by AngelCnderDream14

Kawcawand his evil plan by AngelCnderDream14

( This is just for example, this is my only line art that I have, but I am way better now since this is old.)

That is about it, if you have any questions feel free to note/comment, and I will get back to you! With background/not does not cost anything for this kind of request.

One last thing, if you are wondering where you can find the available slots for the Special deal this Month Unlimited commissions.
You can find that in the Special deal this Month Unlimited commissions, widget along with the info.

Anyways peace! Bye!
I also have this in my stash, but I wanted to also posted this for groups wise. Also for people to find this easier, if they have any questions etc about my commissions. Also I did updated my new policy a bit. As I am doing some thing new for the special deal, unlimited art. It haves been changed to a prize winner thing, but you still get art. More info in my policy.

Updated: I am now doing speed paints for the unlimited art win roll.
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August 11, 2017


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